Nachtmann Brigi aka Nachtmann Joe

As a member of the LAVOS team, I create graphic content shown on our various platforms.

I consider myself very lucky because I have been involved in this exciting process since the idea of the ball was born. Therefore, I can truly say that I support LAVOSBALL as my own dream all the way to the production!

I have been working in graphic design for years, but as I graduated at university MOME as a product designer, I also admire this object from this aspect. I've been working with Jan Lavos and three other team members (Juli, Viki, Bözske) since 2015. In the early years as a company employee, and for a while now as an entrepreneur on project basis. During this time, life has changed in many ways, but somehow I can’t break away from this “Crazy Genius” and the team. Our relationship is sometimes hilarious, sometimes stormy, but always loving… just like in a real family.

You can read the story of this strange genius family and their adopted child, LAVOSBALL, on the blog at the link below. I think it's worth a look! ;)

But let’s get back to my first meeting with the inventor to understand how I got in touch with LAVOSBALL.

During one of the summers my college years, I was looking for a job and a friend of mine said that the studio where she was working was looking for a graphic designer. I was lucky enough to arrange an interview. I took my most adequate little blouse and my smartest face, equipped myself with answers for professional questions and arrived at the studio on time.

When I walked into the office, I immediately felt that this wasn't going to be “that kind of” an interview. In the huge bright space I saw completely unreasonable, yet very interesting objects. Basketball backboards and darts boards on the walls, mannequins in insane clothes, a pinball table (a very famous one, as it turned out later), movie set elements and photos everywhere, old labor movement quotes on painted boards in Russian and German languages. A dog named Puki was running around these strange objects, and someone was drinking Coca-Cola in brightly colored pants sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter. He greeted me loudly and we started talking. I’m really sorry that I don’t remember the dialogue exactly anymore, but it tells a lot about the atmosphere of the “interview” that in not more than 5 minutes we were practicing Tai Chi moves with the guy… his name was Jani (Jan Lavos), and he became my boss the following day.

During the years at the company, we worked together on various projects, including film-, theater- and TV sets, museum exhibition equipment and materials, advertising campaigns and much more.

In addition to these, there have always been 'love projects' in the life of the company which were about elaborating and presenting Jani's ideas - so I can tell you, there were plenty of them.

I remember once we were working on a portfolio of 26 ideas for endless hours, which eventually turned into a heavy book. Among the ideas (If you’re reading this, Jani, don’t get angry!) there were completely twisted surreal things, but there were some funny and really useful as well.

Finally we finished the collection of ideas and our maximalist Jani nodded on that we were done. Another day, amid the usual anecdotes, he told me the idea of a game. I thought, "Damn, another idea we need to get in shape and I have to start working on the book again." But soon my opinion has changed. When I first got one of the first prototypes into my hand, I was no longer care about how much I should work with them.

"How silly I am that I have no clue how it works." 

"My God, the world needs this!" - I thought.

After plenty of other prototypes and anecdotes we have been constantly working on reaching as many people as possible with the idea of the game called LAVOSBALL.

As a first step our goal is to build a strong community which would support our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and can give us the green light for production.
Together with the rest of the team, we're continuing to come up with the most

creative ideas to present the concept of LAVOSBALL for you on all our platforms.  And I will keep on pouring all of them into the best visual form with unceasing enthusiasm.