The campaign preparation phase, or why women get ready for an hour before they leave

The campaign process can be divided into three main stages.

The first stage is the “trailer” or introductory phase when one prepares the campaign materials, the second is the campaign itself, which can take 30-60 days, and the third is the final period after the end of the campaign, during which production starts or full delivery and fulfillment of commitments. The “trailer” phase is very useful, it is worth paying close attention to because it is the last period when changes can be made. There are two important ground rules, allow time for things to settle down and change!

The more thoroughly you plan this process, the fewer surprises you may encounter during the process, of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter any surprises at all. These unexpected situations will highlight points you may not have resolved about your product. This is why I consider this to be the most useful phase because this is where you can learn the most. One gets to know the field on which he will work, the team he has brought together, and he gets to know the competition around him on the market.

But why do women get ready so long before they leave?

Because they do not have familiar patterns, but always try to emphasize the qualities that will be advantageous right there and then, or try to hide their qualities that are less advantageous or explicitly disadvantageous in a given situation and at a given time.

The first thing one realizes is that what you imagined about your product is simply not true in the vast majority of cases. For example, he sees as a pre-existing star a non-existent thing that is just a promise to everyone else. Or a certain product feature that you have found to be good, acceptable, and viable compared to market competitors or based on issues raised during preparation.

All in all, it turns out that there is still a lot of work to be done here, so at this stage, the process of prototyping is accelerating just like building an imaginary business model around it.

In our case, the emphasis was on preparing for production, consulting with Chinese manufacturers, and changing our thinking around the subject based on the feedback we have received so far.

It is very important that whenever new information emerges, environmental impacts and information change the situation, the elements of the project must also be changed.

The process is very similar to when someone enters adolescence.

The difficulty is that every thought taken from someone else makes you mediocre, even if you only consider successful campaigns and successful products as a model, you easily sink into the gloom of mediocrity.

What one lives through during this period and is called optimization in the profession is nothing more than systematically trimming and ignoring your dreams and achievements so far.

Perhaps the hardest part of the thing is not to fool yourself. A very important rule is that you don’t have to do anything the way others do as much as possible, try to find a new horizon, interpret and communicate in a completely new way because you won’t be able to stand out from anything elsewhere 10 million people try the same.

It’s more important for your project to be sexy than to be perfect, mistakes can and should be made. No one expects you to be a professional, you will be much more authentic if you do it to an amateur level and give it as much as you can.

It’s also important to talk about your plans in as many places as possible, to as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible. And don’t miss a single time when they talk about you, this kind of communication helps you have a deeper understanding of your processes. Extend this preparatory phase for as long as you can, do the final touches, fill in the gaps that have not been filled so far, carve out unnecessary corners, find good professionals.

It’s very important not to keep it a secret, dare to put your product in the hands of people because that way you can get a lot of feedback.

At one point in this long learning process, the white flash in your brain will happen in a fraction of a second and things will suddenly come together, pieces of the puzzle will unravel and you will feel that you have solved the problem at the level you were able to solve. This is the maximum from you, take care of it and celebrate it!

Even more useful advice for you is not to try to defend yourself, because, in reality, you will not be there for each of your products, do not prepare for defense, and do not prepare your item for defense.

As soon as you stop defending, you get more information in the form of feedback, others will openly share their opinions with you, if they see that they don’t offend you, you get deeper into the analyzes and so you have the opportunity to make the changes that you outlined before.

Finally, to sum up, in the preparatory phase you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the field where you have to produce great performance in a very short time, assess the weapons, equipment, landmarks, and routes on the battlefield and the conditions of the expected trip. Think about it, plan your route, your strategy, organize your teams!

Remember, no one climbs the Mount Everest with one breath!