The history of naming or all the places have already taken on the net


How easy it is to name anything is known from the fact that he always names everything. It’s also my habit to give everyone a new name and use nicknames. Our basic need is to give a name to the things around us.

I was already anticipating how great this process would be, as one of my dream jobs that I’ve wanted to do all my life was naming new car types. I wanted to be the one to name them. When Ikea also appeared in our country, I was a little shaken where I would most like to take a professional naming job, but after learning that they name furniture and accessories by place names, there was no question that I would stay with the car industry. And yes, the uplifting moment has come when I had to name the fictional game.

The very long process of naming can be divided into four eras, three of which I have already experienced so far, and the fourth is imminent.

The first one, or “what’s your name child”?

Everyone knows what a brand name should look like. It should be descriptive, striking, clear, memorable, and most importantly unique. At least two hundred times, one describes one’s favorite ideas in different ways, with different fonts, colors, and styles. There will be what one likes better, there will be what one likes less. And when we finally choose one of these, it turns out that someone is already called “Feri” and that’s where Calvary begins. In any case, a brand name must be quickly recognizable and thus well distinguishable to work well, and of course, there shouldn't be anything named the same.

The second, or the ‘www’ era

Browsing on the web starts and slowly it turns out that all the domain names you have come up with or that may have come up are already occupied. And what's not taken is offered at such a horror price that you don't even want to think about it ... This is when the thesaurus comes up and you check all the possibilities with .com and other alternative suffixes until it turns out that they are all already occupied too. And then you think that according to them, humanity has already gotten to the point where it has named everything and there is no new name in the day that you are free to use.

The third, or ‘there’s no other way, the story has to be about me’

When one realizes that he has no other option and chooses a name for a personal thing and thereby lets his idea travel through the world. We can immediately expect that during the presentation, it will come up again and again as to why this name came from, where it came from, and what is the hidden story behind it.

That's what my story is about. In the middle of my former visual design era, on a distant continent right in the middle of the desert, I was involved in making a film. Due to an important discussion, I should have returned to Hungary unexpectedly. An extremely capable transport manager, who is responsible for making it easier to take part in the work and organizing the trips between the filming locations, also booked me a flight ticket, but my name, the wonderful, Hungarianized János Szabolcs, was registered as of Jan Lavos for some reason during booking, but my passport number was correct ... The ticket was for a flight to Europe from there from the sand dome behind nowhere, so you don’t have to think of a low-cost flight that flies every two hours. Only one flight a week to Europe! 

Of course, the plane ticket named Jan Lavos was not allowed on the plane, but I couldn’t wait a week, so Plan B came. I drove across the Atlas from Ouarzazate that night to try to get to Marrakech on the other side of the mountain to try to get home. Along the way, I could observe that the bigger a car is, the less space it gives on the road, but I haven’t been able to decipher since then why the locals don’t use lights even at night on their cars. It is a real James Bond movie episode to cross the Atlas at night. Saying I didn’t trust anything to chance, I was out at the airport the next morning, 3 hours before the plane took off.

The thing seemed to be solved, I only had to get from MARRAKECH to Casablanca, fly from there to Europe to FRANKFURT and from there to Budapest. As a result of the administration operating in the fleet, just as I was finally able to cross the customs in  MARRAKECH, my next flight from CASABLANCA, where I was just heading, would have taken off on schedule. I arrived in CASABLANCA 2 hours late with the largest Boeing plane there is, but the flight to Frankfurt waited for my plane in a fairytale way, and I had four full hours to transfer to the Budapest flight from here, so I was lucky to get there in time. After all this, of course, I missed the important discussion, which was very chic!

My “vacation” lasted three days at home and I could go back to the sandhills in Africa. When I left, I could not find my seat on the plane at the Budapest airport, I was not on the passenger list, but since there was still a free seat and my flight ticket was found to be valid, I was able to get on the plane. So I got to Frankfurt again, where I was confronted with the simple fact that all my tickets were booked a month later. This was already the case with the Budapest-Frankfurt flight, but what escaped the attention of the Hungarians is certainly not the case of the Germans. With the help of a lovely German lady, we finally found an alternative to get back to filming as soon as possible. I flew from Germany to Spain, from there to Casablanca, from there I traveled on at night and arrived in Ouarzazate at dawn. The interesting thing about Casablanca Airport at the time was that nothing was open at night. When I was already very thirsty, I went to the only open counter where a man was perched and asked him where I could have something to drink. He asked me for $ 1 for this, pressed a plastic cup into my hand, and pointed in the direction of the toilet.Well, that’s how I became Jan Lavos and that’s where the name LavosBall comes from.                     

Turning once again to the long process of naming...

The fourth era, or ‘we can’t think of everything’, will soon start.

This is the time when people will start nicknaming LavosBall, maybe inventing new names for it regardless of our name.

The lesson of the thing is that we shouldn't put so much energy and effort into naming things, and then life will solve it anyway…