You need a team or a choreography of life

We all like to advise others, we often know better what the other should do, but we are often very clueless about our things. Everyone strives to make the things that matter to them a success. Humans are social beings that desire the company but at the same time do not always bear it easily.   

1. The dance   

The choreography of life prepares us for these unknown situations, with that wonderful dance that consists of three steps. Firstly, two steps forward then one backward. Secondly, three steps forward one backward. Thirdly, two steps backward one forward. The good thing about this fantastic choreography is that you have a lot of time to think. And the bad thing is that time passes by very quickly. It’s a bit controversial, but unfortunately, this paradox is unavoidable and is accompanied by a constant feeling of “I’ve fucked something up again, so I shouldn’t do it that way”. 

2. More eyes see more

You can’t figure everything out for yourself and you won’t have time to understand everything, so you’ll need others, to take care of that. Since we’re amateurs in the game, especially in the beginning, our attention can’t cover everything that is why it’s very worth creating a team. The more people we have, the more likely we will notice the many possible pitfalls and dead ends. 

3. Everyone is busy

Of course, one invites people into one’s team who one thinks can solve the problems that arise. These people are probably not yet professional in every subject, but they have good senses and have earned the trust, or there has simply been no better candidate for the job. Even if someone had enough resources to set up a perfect team for such a situation, most likely the candidates are busy because everyone is dealing with something else, building their own life, as that is the main project for everyone. Be happy for everyone willing to work with you on your project and appreciate them! Of course, these things can sometimes be more outrageous than being able to appreciate it all the time.

4. Blind exhibition 

From the inside, any project, startup, crowdfunding, bringing an invention to market, is very similar to an exhibition made by blind people (Invisible Exhibition), where people stumble forward with the rest of the team, groping in the dark, listening, little by little, sometimes colliding with them, groaning and falling. From time to time, one of the team members exclaims, “I see, I see!”, Come after me and the rest goes and follows him or her blindly and then they fall. I find this a lot of fun, but sometimes you have to pretend that you are mad and insulted as well. These funny collisions are not only necessary but also natural. Lock horn as many as you can because you will learn the most in the shortest amount of time!

5. Who is the most important person on the team 

What is very important to keep in mind from the beginning is that you are responsible in many ways, so you may seem to be the most important person on the team. However, this is not the case. You will be the project manager in the first round, but try to hand over this task to someone else as soon as possible, because that makes two of you and to have someone to manage, you still have to line up several people on the team. I was lucky and at the very beginning, I managed to find a partner whom I could delegate all these tasks so I could deal with what is my main task, perfecting LavosBall. He is our conductor and through him, we can dance or play music together. In reality, there is no most important person, but there is a dance troupe, we walk back and forth together, stumble together. If we get somewhere, we do it together, just as if we don’t get anywhere.

6. Only organize what allows itself to be organized

Never expect anyone to do something that they can’t or don’t want to do because it will only make shit. At the same time, it is an essential characteristic of man to do just that. Everyone is whining about tried and tested solutions both online and in the real world. There are no sure paths, otherwise, everyone would be successful and everything would work well. Rather, always be one step ahead of your project, and if you can change it whenever it needs to be changed because that way if you are lucky you can create the mutations that will make you successful.

7. Be lucky, get involved! 

When I gathered the successful big companies and corporations of the world, I couldn’t discover any similarities between them. In some things, they are similar, but not authoritatively. However, what I discovered everywhere, is a great luck. In many cases, a decision was made that seemed to be a mistake at the moment, and it was, but later on, it proved to be the biggest step on the road to success. Experiment, change, trust yourself, and luck will come, because without it you will not go anywhere, at most you can write a good mediocre story that will not reach success for you or anyone else.

8. The team will allow you to have more eyes, ears, nose, mind, and hands

This will make you sense more, understand more, and be able to achieve more. Believe in them and entrust them with the tasks, because even if they are not going to do them exactly the way you would, they have your real potential and your basic protection against environmental influences. They will protect you from doing stupid things. Against all the contrary rumors, it is not your friends who give advice, but those who warn you about your mistakes and bad decisions.

9. The pits where it is good to sit down

You will keep falling into pits. Everyone climbs out of the pits on their own, but at the edge of the pit, you have to wait for everyone to do so. This is a great opportunity to get to know the others because you are all looking in the same direction, your interests are common, you can identify with each other's thoughts. As long as you all look down on the one still in the pit, you will get to know and understand each other better. So I consider the pits to be the best team builders and team forges. They bring precisely shared experiences that do not involve responsibility because of the stress that everyone has to climb out of the pit for themselves. If others help you out of there, it just looks like you’ve gotten out, but you continue to be at the bottom of the pit until the end of time.